Nicolas Paris

Chief Executive Officer

Nicolas Paris, CEO of Gilson, Inc., is a marketing data scientist and an expert in sustainable development of businesses in the lab instrumentation industry. He has a creative mind dedicated to innovation and he values openness, achievement, and trust. He earned his master’s degree in marketing and finance and also a master’s degree in direct marketing and data management from University of Lille, France and Wolfgang Goëthe University of Frankfurt, Germany. His early professional years were dedicated to international marketing management and product management within the automotive industry which led to executive positions at Gilson. During his career, he has delivered numerous awarded products and services spanning both the biotech and high-tech industries. He became a pioneer of wearable technologies at Eyeneo, and was at the forefront of developing the first multimedia eyewear. Paris is a significant change agent and instrumental in adapting companies to the evolving global scientific and technical markets. Growing up in France and having spent most of his life travelling and working in different countries, he has finally made Madison, WI his home, where he is married and raising a happy bi-cultural family.

Robert Olson

Chief Financial Officer

Robert (Bob) Olson, CFO of Gilson, Inc., is a CPA with a particular interest in information systems. Bob holds a BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a JD from the University of Minnesota. He spent his early career with CPA firms in Chicago and Madison before coming to work for Gilson in 1995. Successes include seeing the company through multiple systems changes and upgrades and linking disparate systems, all while meeting the company’s obligations to its customers, vendors, employees and shareholders. Olson is married, enjoys reading and time with family and friends, and is looking forward to building a new home in the next several years.

Dirk Freystadt

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Management

Dirk Freystadt, SVP Portfolio Management, is proficient in product marketing and liquid handling. He graduated from the University of Essen, Germany with a degree in chemical engineering. His educational accomplishments propelled him into a fruitful career where he focused on product management and marketing, centered primarily on liquid handling. Freystadt’s penchant for discovering how customers connect to the products they purchase, combined with his specialized credentials, create a dynamic force within Gilson. He takes pride in embracing different cultural backgrounds and team building through autonomy within each role, which he’s shown cultivates success. This type of collaborative workplace where leadership takes center stage is one where he and his team prosper and one where he feels truly fulfilled. Freystadt spends his free time building and programming computers, taking photographs, motorcycling, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Etienne Chamault

Senior Vice President, Global Operations

Etienne Chamault, SVP Global Operations, is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur whose technical and business diversity routinely allow him to integrate disparate corporate concerns into focused solutions. A graduate of business from Group ESC Troyes, France, Chamault delights when professionalism meets out-of-the-box thinking and when projects can be executed with collaboration. Chamault enjoys traveling when he’s not at the office and his favorite trips so far include Australia and frequent visits to the U.S. Besides seeing the world, you’ll find Chamault behind a camera or on a bicycle, taking in the scenery.

Kevin Barrett

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

Kevin Barrett, SVP Corporate Development, has extensive experience in national sales management, product development, OEM management, and business development. With over 36 years in commercial roles within the drug discovery and life sciences field, Barrett attributes his success and longevity in his career to being a technical, collaborative, and committed individual. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Salford, UK, he began his career as a sales representative and quickly progressed, eventually becoming the CEO and co-owner of Innovadyne Technologies California. Barrett now calls Middleton home, but spends at least three months of the year in Europe. Whether in the States or overseas, in addition to work, he enjoys spending time with family, playing golf, and contributing as a member of two advisory boards.

Molly Gilson

Senior Vice President, People and Culture

Molly Gilson is SVP of People and Culture for Gilson. In her 10+ years at Gilson, Molly has also held leadership roles in sales, service, and business unit management. In those roles, she has achieved record sales growth, alignment of management teams, and ongoing talent acquisition and development. Her innate practicality and inquisitive disposition have aided in her accomplishments. She is passionate about Gilson’s commitment to its customers as well as its employees, and thrives on helping others to succeed and grow. Prior to joining Gilson, Molly practiced law in Chicago. She holds a bachelor degree in history from the University of Wisconsin and a J.D. from Northwestern University. Outside of the office, Molly enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and traveling.